Trailer Bridge looks for Areas of Connectivity  

Recently Trailer Bridge has initiated several programs designed to encourage cooperative interaction benefitting you, the customer, as well as Trailer Bridge.   

Our new Early Pay Program is an excellent example where joint collaboration results in mutual rewards.  We are eager to explore areas of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) connectivity allowing us to work together to improve efficiencies and streamline interactions between our organizations.  There are a host of EDI transactions that may prove beneficial to your organization and we encourage you to jointly explore these possibilities with Trailer Bridge.  

See the list of transactions sets available for exchange:
EDI Specifications in PDF Format

There are many immediate advantages and long term benefits of EDI such as:
  • Decreased costs by reduced clerical effort, less paper usage, decreased lead times and fulfillment/inventory cycles.
  • Reduction in errors caused by manual data-entry, discrepancies, and misinterpretations.
  • Improved delivery of cargo as orders will be processed more quickly and accurately.
  • Faster response time by increasing speed of document transfer and thereby increasing response time.
  • Reduced inventory,  EDI allows critical data exchanged for the implementation of “just-in-time” inventory and manufacturing.  

To get started exchanging transactions using EDI, please view the Trading Partner Setup Survey and contact your Trailer Bridge Sales representative or call directly to the Information Services Department at (800) 554-1589 ext. 7110.