Electronic Data Interchange Specifications

Trailer Bridge is prepared to exchange ANSI Standard EDI transactions with any trading partner.

Please contact the Information Services Department to request help in setting up the trading partner relationship or discuss the specifications.  View the Trading Partner Setup Survey for additional information.

EDI 204 - Motor Carrier Load Tender
EDI 210 - Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice
EDI 214 - Motor Carrier Shipment Status Message

EDI 300 - Ocean Reservation (Booking Request)
EDI 301 - Ocean Confirmation
EDI 304 - Ocean Shipping Instructions
EDI 310 - Ocean Freight Receipt and Invoice
EDI 315 - Ocean Status Details

EDI 820 - Payment Order / Remittance Advice
EDI 990 - Response to a Load Tender
EDI 997 - Functional Acknowledgment