Environment : Breathe Easy®

Trailer Bridge is committed to improving the quality of our air and water and in leaving a cleaner environmental footprint. The success of our environmentally superior transportation system demonstrates that it is possible to be both cost-efficient and environmentally focused.  

The greater fuel efficiency and much cleaner fuel associated with our tug/barge vessels translate into 4 to 6 times fewer emissions per cargo unit compared to the self-propelled vessel operators.  

Per unit mile, our Triplestack Box Carrier® (TBC®) marine conveyance system is:  

  • 8.6 times cleaner in terms of particulate matter
  • 14.1 times cleaner in terms of sulfur oxide
  • 2.4 times cleaner in terms of carbon dioxide  

In 2000, Trailer Bridge became one of the first carriers to join the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Climate Wise Program, a cooperative program that promotes a comprehensive approach to industrial energy efficiency and pollution prevention.  
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In 2006, Trailer Bridge became the first ocean carrier to join SmartWaysm Transport Partnership, an innovative voluntary collaboration between the EPA and the freight industry designed to increase energy efficiency while significantly reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution.  In 2008, Trailer Bridge received SmartWaysm Transport Partnership’s Environmental Excellence Award for its leadership in conserving energy and lowering greenhouse gas emissions from its transportation and freight activities.  

In 2010, Trailer Bridge switched over to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel for use in the ocean going tugs used in its liner service between the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic furthering its commitment to the environment.  This Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel we use today already exceeds the IMO global standard calling for no more than 0.5% sulfur content for all vessel fuel by 2020 and the IMO standards called for Emission Control Areas (ECAs) for no more than 1.0% sulfur content by 2010, reducing to 0.1% by 2015.   

Delivering a Cleaner Future  

At Trailer Bridge we are committed to leaving a more environmentally friendly footprint by:

  • using fuels which significantly reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution
  • focusing on increased fuel efficiency
  • continuing to make freight-related environmental improvements  

Breathe Easy® Award

At Trailer Bridge we believe so strongly in our commitment to the environment we have instituted a program, named Breathe Easy®, where we honor those customers that ship with Breathe Easy logous with a Breathe Easy® Award.  The Breathe Easy® Award calculates the percentage reduction in particulate matter emissions that can be associated with their shipments moving with Trailer Bridge’s environmentally superior transport system.   If your company would like to be considered for a Breathe Easy® Award from Trailer Bridge, please contact your Salesperson or Customer Sales & Support.    

Breathe Easy® with Trailer Bridge