More Space Means Increased Value  

We were the first to bring Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic the 53-foot by 102-inch wide high-cube container. At 3,860 cubic feet, it has over 40% more capacity than the 40-foot high cube container.  Utilizing Trailer Bridge’s larger equipment allows our customers to load more product per box and reduce their total transportation costs.  

TBC® Stackability Equals Affordability  

To further maximize the shipping of containerized cargo, we developed our signature Triplestack Box Carrier® (TBC®), the first vessels exclusively designed to carry 53-foot by 102-inch wide high-cube containers.  

TBC vessels measure more than 400 feet long and 100 feet wide, and due to their increased stackability, can carry 281 53-foot high-cube containers.  

Five new TBC vessels were constructed and deployed in 1998, making them the most modern U.S. fleet serving the Caribbean.  On average our vessels are more than 15 years newer than our competitors.  

The efficiencies of these newer vessels, combined with the greater capacity of our containers and the loadability of our TBCs has resulted in Trailer Bridge having one of the most efficient operating models in the industry.    

Patented Loading and Unloading Method  

Our patented loading and unloading process involves aligning a ramp with the deck of the TBC vessels and accessing the deck directly with mobile reach-stackers to load and unload containers.  This operation generally results in more productivity compared to typical operations involving large gantry cranes which require expensive and specialized dock facilities.  In addition, our system can readily handle 53-foot containers which are often too large to be handled by traditional gantry cranes.