Tips on What to Do Before Car Shipping to Puerto Rico

For travelers and businesses wishing to ship a car to Puerto Rico, it is important to identify a shipping service that has expertise and experience in car shipping to Puerto Rico in order to ensure all the necessary steps are taken. Since there are lengthy and often complicated documents to be completed, an experienced service can help you through the process.

If you are considering car shipping to Puerto Rico, it is important that you understand the process as well as the documents and regulations in place concerning the shipment of vehicles overseas into Puerto Rico. To help lessen the complication, rely on a company with a good track record in car shipment to Puerto Rico. A company that has experience and expertise in the process will know and guide you through all the necessary steps to ensure your car is delivered safely, securely, and cost-effectively into Puerto Rico.

Most companies that specialize in car shipping to Puerto Rico will have certain restrictions when it comes to what they are able to ship. It is not uncommon for a company to require that the car being shipped is thoroughly cleaned out and that it holds less than 100 pounds of cargo in it’s trunk. Further, the company generally will not accept responsibility for items that are lost or stolen during the shipment.

Before choosing a company to ship your vehicle, it is important to check on rates from different companies and compare them. Note the delivery times, reputations for timeliness, and the customer ratings of their service as you make your decision. If a company offers cheaper rates but has terrible customer satisfaction ratings, there is a good chance that the company will not be the right one for you. While price is important when car shipping to Puerto Rico, it is not the only factor. It is highly important to be mindful of this fact as you shop around for companies to ship your vehicle.

When you’ve chosen a company who specializes in car shipping to Puerto Rico, ask them about the estimated pick-up and delivery time for your shipment as well as any possible delays. Check to see if the company offers discounted rates for shipping during off seasons or if contracted clients receive a discounted rate. Finally, be sure to ask the company if your car will be covered from theft or damage while in the shipper's possession or between transport. It is also a good idea to discuss your plans with your car insurance company to see if you are covered when shipping your car to Puerto Rico.

Finally, when you are ready to deliver your car to the company to be shipped, be sure to have the car thoroughly cleaned and serviced to ensure it meets the company’s standards. Have less than 1/8 of gas in the tank and ensure, before leaving your car, that you have your agreement in writing as it relates to terms and conditions, insurance information, delivery times, and rates to avoid confusion or surprises later.

If you find yourself in need of car shipping to Puerto Rico, have no fear. A company with the expertise and experience needed to set you in the right direction and guide you each step of the way is available. For more information regarding car shipping to Puerto Rico, contact us today at