Car Shipping to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic

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How to Ship to Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic

Car shipping to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic is a non-trivial matter that contains many variables, most of which are often unknown to the client. For example, are there import or export taxes for your vehicle? What happens if your vehicle is damaged? What happens if your vehicle damages someone else's property? These are only a few of the concerns that one must consider when transporting a vehicle. Luckily, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico car shipping experts at Trailer Bridge have been safely and reliably shipping vehicles of all shapes and sizes for years, and have compiled a short list of easy steps that you can take to prepare your vehicle so that the shipping process is as fast and as easy as possible:

Thoroughly wash and maintain your vehicle.

If you want to easily ship a car to Puerto Rico, keeping your car clean will aid in its inspection which is likely to happen multiple times if it is being shipped between countries. One reason for this is that it is not uncommon for smugglers to keep very dirty, unappealing vehicles in an attempt to dissuade inspectors and to confuse search dogs. This, however, is just a red flag to investigators and can lead to delays in shipping, or in the vehicle being refused for clearance. Another reason that it's important to maintain a clean vehicle is that many countries have very strict import laws that cover things like seed, grain, and insects. If a border agent believes that your vehicle could harbor evasive life forms, then it will not be cleared for entry.

Keep a record of all vehicular damage.

Maintain a thorough, written, and visual record of all damage, regardless of how minor, present prior to shipping a car to Puerto Rico. This is important not only to protect you, but also to protect the auto shipping service. Without proof to the contrary, it is possible for someone to say that your vehicle has damaged their property, and they could attempt to use chips or dents on your vehicle as proof against you.

Remove custom and personal products.

When you ship a car to Puerto Rico, your vehicle will likely be searched and inspected multiple times, there is a high probability that it will remain unlocked for long portions of its journey. And while all reputable international auto shipping agents will make every possible effort to maintain the security of your vehicle, there is always the chance that someone will gain access to the interior of the vehicle resulting in lost property. Furthermore, personal belongings count as cargo being shipped, and will usually fall under import taxation and regulations. This could result in fines for the shipper, and unforeseen fees. This includes also to toll tags, parking passes, and access badges. These items can potentially be used for identity theft or fraud, and will increase the likelihood of your vehicle being targeted for theft.

Keep your vehicle in proper, working order.

Shipping a car to Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic is more likely to go smoothly if your vehicle is free of mechanical problems. Perform all maintenance and keep detailed records of any mechanical problems or leaks. Unless otherwise instructed, shippers will assume that the vehicle is in proper, working order. This is important because it is not uncommon for vehicles to be driven short distances during the shipping process. This can happen in cases such as when the vehicle is loaded onto a ferry, or in the event that a cargo vehicle experiences a mechanical failure. The shipping agent must be aware of any mechanical problems to help to prevent delays. Furthermore, leaking vehicles must be transported below other vehicles to prevent damage caused by caustic and oily fluids.

Transporting any vehicle can be a daunting task, and there will likely be obstacles. But with experience and a little preparation, vehicle shipping can be easy, fast, and hassle free. For more information about how to ship to Puerto Rico or shipping from Puerto Rico to the US or DR, you can click on the links below.

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