Frequently Asked Questions Related to COVID-19 Coronavirus

Are Trailer Bridge offices open?

Yes. All Trailer Bridge offices are open during normal business hours from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday.

Trailer Bridge is fully operational with staff in various offices and locations, who are all equipped with access to Trailer Bridge systems and phones to seamlessly operate without interruption.

Does Trailer Bridge have a Pandemic Business Continuity Plan?

Yes. We have enacted our Pandemic Business Continuity Plan, which includes ensuring the safety and welfare of all personnel and all contracted providers.

Trailer Bridge is experienced in facing challenging situations that require us to implement plans that maintain our operations, while limiting the impacts to others, including our customers.

We remain prepared to serve supply chain needs and we will continue to operate in all areas served by Trailer Bridge, as local conditions and restrictions allow.

What does your Pandemic Business Continuity Plan include regarding the availability of drivers to perform service without disruption?

Our North American logistics network of 15 offices across the country, nearly 100 drivers and a network of 20,000 carriers minimizes service interruptions, enables us to continue to deliver exceptional service to our customers in the event an individual office is unable to do so. This ensures we have resources to recover shipments when the need arises.

What kinds of hygiene and sanitation methods are drivers and personnel following to safeguard during deliveries?

We strongly encourage our drivers and all personnel to take extra precautions by continuing to wash hands frequently, disinfect all surfaces on a regular schedule (to include cars and trucks, counter tops, desks, phones, etc.), and avoid unnecessary contact with others.

Drivers are still fully operational and scheduled to pick-up shipments, as planned.

Are you continuing to sail on schedule?

Yes. Trailer Bridge will continue to sail from Jacksonville, FL every Wednesday and Friday, with arrivals in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Tuesday and Thursday, at this time.

How does the recent Executive Order from the Governor of Puerto Rico apply to Trailer Bridge?

This Executive Order does not apply to our port personnel in Puerto Rico, as we will continue to fully operate and provide shipments to our customers.

What is Trailer Bridge doing to address shipments in heavily impacted areas?

Work and travel restrictions may affect shipments to and from heavily impacted areas, as well as shipments moving within those areas. However our North American logistics network of 12 offices will continue to minimize service interruptions so we will continue to deliver exceptional service to our customers.

Should you have any questions about your shipment please do not hesitate to reach out to your Trailer Bridge account manager. Trailer Bridge will continue to update through trade notifications as necessary.

Why have spot rates increased so dramatically across the US?

When demand surpasses capacity, it creates a tight market regardless of industry. Spot truckload rates have risen as a result of the surge in demand for consumer staples and restocking of inventory amid this outbreak, which directly affects Trailer Bridge and our customers. Trailer Bridge is working diligently with its carrier network to provide customers with solutions for every situation.

FMCSA lifted Hour of Services (HOS) rules, but does that apply to all shipments?

No, currently it only applies to items below.

  • Medical supplies and equipment related to the testing, diagnosis and treatment of COVID19
  • Masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, soap, and disinfectant
  • Food for emergency restocking of stores
  • Equipment and supplies necessary for establishment and management of temporary housing and quarantine facilities
Do you have visitor restrictions to offices?

Trailer Bridge implemented a no visitor policy at all locations until further notice, while also limiting air travel until further ntoice. We have asked our sales personnel to limit in person interaction to essential meetings and encouraging other tools for communication, video calls (Zoom), phone, text, and emails.

What are you doing for the safety and well-being of your employees, customers, business partners and employees?

Trailer Bridge management teams are continually monitoring the situation and are committed to taking appropriate actions for the safety of our employees, vendors, customers, suppliers and others working with our personnel. Consequently, we have instituted travel and meeting policies to best address concerns based on our current knowledge. These policies include company-wide workplace prevention initiatives, travel and meeting restrictions, and educational initiatives. Rules and laws may differ in the Caribbean, and we are working with all our employees to assure best practices and compliance everywhere.

For any additional questions, please contact your Account Manager. Thank you for continuing to choose Trailer Bridge as your trusted shipping partner.
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