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Customer Update

Customer Update
17 Aug 2017
August 17, 2017
Documentation Guidelines for Puerto Rico Shipments

Trailer Bridge’s documentation cut off was established to allow customers the greatest amount of time available to prepare their documents for export to Puerto Rico. For cargo leaving the US destined to Puerto Rico documentation can be submitted up to 5PM on the day of sailing. Puerto Rico Treasury and Puerto Rico Port Authority require all carriers to submit an electronic manifest 24 hours prior to the estimated arrival in Puerto Rico, or be subject to penalties. Trailer Bridge submits their manifest 48 hours prior to vessel arrival to avoid penalties and more importantly to avoid passing those penalties on to our customers.

In order to fully comply with the regulations we are reminding customers of the minimum necessary information needed to submit a bill of lading to all regulatory parties and avoid a taxable response due to missing or incorrect information. In order to complete this it is very important we receive shipment documentation by 5PM on the day of sailing.

The following details are required for complete submission to all regulatory parties to avoid a necessary change:

  • Consignee legal name
  • Consignee EIN
  • Consignee merchant registration number
  • Container number
  • Detailed cargo description (including a valid piece count)
  • HTS codes (Schedule B) for all cargo types
  • Cargo value for the PR Treasury
  • Cargo weight for the Puerto Rico Port Authority
  • ITN or AES Exemption clause

Changes to the bill of lading after transmission requires the consignee to submit the following in order to complete the change with Department of hacienda and obtain a release of the cargo. Corrections take 24-48 hours to complete and must be completed in person at the Department of Hacienda.

  • Hand signed letter from the consignee, on letterhead, describing the error to the Secretary of Hacienda/Negociado de Impuestos al Consumo
  • Carrier’s letter made out to the Secretary of Hacienda / Negociado de Impuestos al Consumo, including the correction details
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Copy of Bill of Lading with the error
  • Copy of the corrected bill of lading or Freight Correction Notice that details the correction

Should you have any questions or require additional information during this time, please contact your Trailer Bridge Account Manager at 800-727-3859.