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Hurricane Irma Update

Hurricane Irma Update
8 Sep 2017
September 8, 2017
Hurricane Irma Update

Updated Sept. 8, 2017 5:30 p.m. EST

Hurricane Irma has continued her path toward Florida and is projected to continue to impact to the shipping lanes between US and Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Virgin Islands. The safety of our crew foremost in mind we have made the following changes to our sailing schedule. Additional barge capacity has been made available to ensure schedules return to normal as quickly as possible once storm allows for safe passage to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Virgin Islands.

Detailed voyage and gate schedules can be found below, we will continue to provide updates throughout the week as conditions change.

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic:
  • (SB) Voyage 3999: Departed JAX on 9/1. Voyage is traveling a southern route to avoid the storm track and will be delayed arriving into Puerto Plata. Actual ETA into Dominican Republic will be determined after the storm passes the area.
  • (NB) Voyage 4999: Voyage schedule is pending until the storm passes the area.
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic:
  • Service hasbeenrestored to and from San Juan to Santo Domingo. Kydon Voyage 048 arrived in San Juantoday 9/8 at 1 PM. Kydon 049 is also scheduled todeparttoday from San Juan back to Dominican Republic and Kydon 049 is scheduled todepart from Santo Domingo on Sunday 9/10.
San Juan Terminal:
  • This morning, terminal gates in San Juan opened at 7 AM to begin vessel operations. All offices and terminals in San Juan are fully operational.
Jacksonville Terminal and Offices:
  • Jacksonville (New Berlin) offices and Blount Island terminals closed at 5 PM today to ensure employees can prepare with their families for the storm. Offices and terminals plan to reopen Tuesday 9/12 morning after safety assessments are completed for a safe return to work and operations. The Account Management team is being accommodated for offsite capability for customer support operations on Monday as needed.
San Juan JAX Bridge:
  • (SB) Voyage 10356: Departed JAX on 8/30. Arrived San Juan, PR Tuesday 9/5. Cargo was discharged and was completed by 1300.
  • (NB) Voyage 20356: Operations began this morning to load remaining empty equipment on terminal in San Juan. This barge departed San Juan at 12 noon 9/8 and is expected to arrive in Jacksonville by Thursday 9/14 for RORO operations for Voyage 10358.
Chicago Bridge:
  • (SB) Voyage 3999: Departed Jacksonville on 9/1. This voyage continues on its southern route south of Cuba to avoid the storm track. Current ETA into Puerto Rico is Tuesday 9/12 and is expected to return to Jacksonville by Monday 9/18 as Voyage 4999.
JAX San Juan Bridge:
  • (NB) Voyage 20355: Arrived Jacksonville, FL on Monday 9/5 – Cargo is currently being discharged and will be completed by 1500 today.
  • (SB) Voyage 10357: Voyage will stay at port in Jacksonville until the storm passes for safe departure. Tentative departure is planned for Tuesday 9/12 after the storm has passed the Jacksonville area and is expected to arrive in San Juan by Monday 9/18.
Memphis Bridge:
  • (NB) Voyage 4998: Currently in route to Jacksonville. Cargo discharged on schedule 9/7.
  • (SB) Voyage 30357: Voyage will stay at port in Jacksonville until the storm passes for safe departure. Tentative departure has been updated to an earlier departure for Wednesday9/13and is expected to arrive in San Juan by Wednesday 9/19.
Brooklyn Bridge:
  • Brooklyn Bridge has been activated to return to service after the storm has passed to maintain vessel schedule integrity. Further details regarding departure schedule will be advised as soon as available.
Charlotte Bridge:
  • On standby, available for departure from Jacksonville, FL as needed.
Inland Services
  • FEC has curtailed all trains and service between South Florida and Jacksonville. Updates regarding service will be communicated as soon as we have them.

CSX and Norfolk Southern Railway haveplaced an embargo on all cargo destined to the Jacksonville, FL area. They will not load cargo to move within the rail network until the storm has safely passed. This will affect cargo pickups throughout the inland US area from the Northeast and Midwest areas for several days.

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