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Meet Our Los Angeles Logistics Interim Branch Manager: Ryan Smith

Meet Our Los Angeles Logistics Interim Branch Manager: Ryan Smith

Have you been dreaming of the West Coast? Maybe Trailer Bridge’s Los Angeles logistics branch is the place for you! Not only does this office have a beautiful location, but it’s growing – meaning we are looking for fresh, motivated talent to join the team!

At Trailer Bridge, we believe that our people are the backbone of our success. To help you get to know the incredible people at our Los Angeles branch, we spoke to Interim Branch Manager Ryan Smith for an inside look at what it takes to be on his team.

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What do you enjoy most about leading the Los Angeles brokerage team here at Trailer Bridge?

I enjoy helping others learn and grow in their professional and personal lives. It gives me great satisfaction to see the lightbulb go off for my team members when they learn a new skill or accomplish something meaningful. Trailer Bridge is a place that gives you all the tools and opportunity to be successful, and it gives me pride to be a part of that.

What are three qualities you look for in a candidate for your team?

  1. Communication & Interpersonal Skills – the ability to communicate effectively with their coworkers, and co-exist with colleagues from a variety of backgrounds and personalities.
  2. Ambition – the determination to grow, learn, and achieve in work and life.
  3. Reliability – someone who is a consistent performer and displays trustworthy qualities.

Describe your team in 3 words.

  1. Loyal
  2. Energetic
  3. Collaborative

Describe your leadership style.

I would say I have a communicative and hands-on leadership style that is collaborative and inclusive. I believe in leading by example, teaching, and creating a culture where everyone is heard, valued, held accountable, and given the opportunity to thrive and achieve their goals.

What is one fun fact that you would want a potential new hire to know about you?

In my opinion – We are the highest energy branch in the company, and we like it that way.

On a personal note, I am not an L.A. native, but this is now my adopted home. Before moving to L.A., I lived in Seattle, Boston and Central Pennsylvania to name a few.

Do you want to advance your logistics career in Los Angeles? Good news – we’re hiring! Visit our careers page to see all our current openings and apply.

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