Ultimate CEO Nominee Shares How To Build Trust In Your Organization

Mitch Luciano shares with us how he took a dying company to a successful, thriving business in a few years. His experience as a leader gave him the wisdom on how to navigate tough changes in leadership while maintaining trust and empathy in the company culture.

Mr. Luciano has been with Trailer Bridge, Inc. since 2012, originally joining the company as the VP of Logistics, and currently holding the role of President & CEO. Prior to joining Trailer Bridge, Mr. Luciano spent over 19 years in the Transportation and Logistics industry with large international and domestic logistics organizations, NYK Logistics North America and C.H. Robinson, along with start-up ventures in the logistics and system development arenas.

Apply Rigor Podcast

Love Is Just Damn Good Business

Check out the podcast below by International Business and Leadership Speaker Steve Farber about the his new book”Love Is Just Damn Good Business“. Here Steve talks about company cultures that emphasize love and focus on employees to succeed, rather than the bottom line or “numbers”.

“…Employees who are passionate about the work that they do are more loyal, innovative, creative, and inspired, and that translates to great customer experience.”

Steve discusses further into the book Trailer Bridge and how the company has drastically altered its culture to showcase love for the employees.

Love Is Just Damn Good Business

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