No Shipping Status Found

A shipping status of ‘not found’ indicates that the VIN, booking or equipment number entered was not found in the tracking system.

Here are some possible reasons:

***Make sure that you have entered ONE of the following numbers correctly


  • The last 8 characters (including any alpha characters) of the VIN are required
  • Vehicle must be delivered to the port of origin before the cut-off date/time
  • San Juan, PR to Jacksonville, FL cutoff: Vehicle must be delivered to the San Juan terminal no later than the Monday prior to the Thursday departure
  • Jacksonville, FL to San Juan, PR cutoff: Vehicle must be delivered to the Jacksonville terminal no later than Friday at noon which is the day of departure
  • Vehicles do not appear in the tracing system until after they have sailed from the port of origin

Booking number

  • The seven digit booking number is required

Equipment number

  • The full equipment number (ie. TRBU2610063) is required
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