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From the continental U.S. to the islands of the Caribbean.

We are the industry leader in transporting cargo in 53-foot high cube containers, and given that we own more than 3,500 of these containers and over 3,000 chassis, it’s easy to see why. If you need to ship containers between the U.S. and Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, or the Virgin Islands, we have multiple weekly sailings to make that happen.

We also recognize that not all freight fits perfectly into a container, even the 53’ variety. So we have a team with the know-how and problem solving skills to accommodate the special needs of specialized cargo. We also know that you need the proper storage and the correct equipment to do the job right.

All of our barges provide spacious below deck storage for maximum protection of Roll-on Roll-off items stowed below deck, as well as, proper on-deck stowage for items requiring Lift-on Lift-off handling.

In order to take full advantage of this powerful blend of assets, we've added some of the most talented and experienced project personnel in the trade. So from containers, to boats, to construction equipment and cars, Trailer Bridge brings it all together with a solution tailored to your needs.

Here's where & when we sail:


A fleet of three deck barges available to help execute your wide range of logistics projects.

Trailer Bridge maintains an impressive fleet of three ocean going deck barges that are available for charter. Trailer Bridge’s deck barges are certified to trade domestically and internationally and have an indefinite charter date to allow for short-term or long-term charters. All Trailer Bridge barges are built and maintained under the requirements of the US Coast Guard and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

Chartering a Trailer Bridge barge provides cost saving solutions by allowing you to avoid the maintenance and fees of owning a barge, while still providing the convenience and service you would expect. The barges are designed to handle containers, breakbulk cargo, flat racks, and ISO tanks. They have experience in oilfield work as well as transporting large crane systems, wind turbines, smaller inland vessels, and project cargo both internationally and domestically. The deck barges could also be used as a work platform, acting as an extended piece of land. Additionally, their dead rise allows for all Trailer Bridge barge’s to be fast and economical and their breakwaters aid in protecting cargo. Should your charter cargo need to be containerized, the barges are set up for 53’, 40, and 20’ containers and can be stacked up to five high, however, other container sizes can also be accommodated.

Trailer Bridge stores their barges conveniently at the ports of Jacksonville, Florida and Morgan City, Louisiana. All three of the barges are deck barges and the Atlanta is a clean deck barge.

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