Shipping from the Dominican Republic to the USA

Car shipping from the Dominican Republic to Florida may seem like a colossal task during which a vehicle must pass over treacherous waters between the Dominican Republic and the U.S. mainland. Luckily, it’s actually not too difficult to accomplish this task if you have the equipment to do so, and the knowledge in how to effectively use it.

Trailer Bridge is an experienced Dominican shipping company with many years of knowledge in shipping large cargo and vehicles between the United States and the Dominican Republic. From old jalopies to high-end exotics, Trailer Bridge has been trusted with every type of vehicle imaginable, and they have all reached their destinations safely.

Utilizing an advanced shipping company such as Trailer Bridge means that not only do trained professionals help you understand the paperwork and documentation necessary to successfully import a vehicle into the US, but also that once the vehicle has arrived stateside, it will be well protected in one of our many secured storage facilities. This peace of mind is what keeps our customers coming back again and again.

For more information on car shipping from the Dominican Republic to the USA, and to see how Trailer Bridge can help with other Dominican shipping services like cargo shipping from the Dominican Republic, give us a call today or contact our Sales Department.

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