Southbound Car Shipping to the Dominican Republic from the USA

Car shipping to the Dominican Republic may seem like a truly daunting and time-consuming task. Luckily, it’s actually not too difficult to accomplish this task if you have the right contacts and experience.

Trailer Bridge is an experienced shipping agent with facilities on each side of the ocean and a well maintained and reliable shipping fleet. Trailer Bridge takes care to ensure that vehicles are well protected throughout the shipping process and that they arrive on time, every time. Dominican shipping can therefore be a painless and hassle free process.

Similarly, Trailer Bridge prides itself in not only the safe and secure shipping your vehicle, but also in doing so with efficiency. By monitoring the shipping containers during transit, and making sure that they are making good progress on their route, Trailer Bridge guarantees that your vehicle will be at the storage facility as soon as you’re ready to pick it up.

For more information on shipping to the Dominican Republic, and to see how Trailer Bridge can help with other services like cargo shipping to the Dominican Republic, give us a call today or contact our Sales Department.

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