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Hurricane Maria Update #7

Hurricane Maria Update #7
September 23, 2017

Relief Cargo Guidance

Cargo Clearance for Department of Hacienda

Department of Hacienda’s electronic system remains down due to Hurricane Maria, since approximately 12 pm on Tuesday 9/19 no cargo has been able to be transmitted and no status has been able to be received by the carrier.  Cargo that was not transmitted to Department of Hacienda prior to the system closure cannot be processed through normal electronic channels for release.  We anticipate based on the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria it will be several days or longer before the electronic processes are back up and running.  Please verify tax release status via SURI system for status on cargo release that were already obtained.  Please send drivers with copies of the release to present to the San Juan office as documentation of tax clearance as carriers will not have access to verify tax release status via normal channels.

For cargo that was not yet transmitted, Department of Hacienda has established the following process to aid in cargo clearance. Department of Hacienda is open today and will re-open again tomorrow, Sunday 9/24 to process shipment releases.

Carriers are in the process of presenting manifests of goods to Department of Hacienda, all relief cargo such as food, water and medicine is being prioritized and processed for an automatic release.  This automatic release is exclusive to these emergency items only, all other cargo must be presented manually to Department of Hacienda at the Isla Grande office to obtain a release.

Customers must present the following documents to have a release processed. Department of Hacienda will then supply a copy of the release to present to the carrier for cargo out gate their shipment.

  • Copy of the Ocean Bill of Lading
  • Copy of the Commercial Invoice
  • Copy of the Packing List
  • Payment by Cash, Certified Check, Money Order
  • Bond Holders can Process Payment by Company Check

Contact Customer Service – Account Management at 1-800-727-3859
Email: customerservice@trailerbridge.com