Ocean Freight.

Shipping from the continental U.S. to Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Virgin Islands for more than 30 years.

The Power of Assets + People.

Asset-Based Provider
From containers and boats to construction equipment and cars, TB brings it all together with a solution tailored to your needs.
Owned Containers
Single Point of Contact
TB provides you personalized service for all your freight handling needs with a single point of contact.
Dedicated Logistics Experts

Your Caribbean Connection.

For more than 30 years, TB has provided multiple weekly sailings between the U.S. and the Caribbean for all types of cargo – and we remain committed to providing reliable service for shippers. Our fleet of assets include 3,000+ containers, 2,400+ chassis, two roll-on, roll-off barges as well as four load-on, load-off vessels.
Image Trailer Bridge RoRo barge sailing.
Puerto Rico
Image Puerto Rico Ocean Freight Barge Charter
Dominican Republic and Virgin Islands
Barge Charter
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Vehicle Shipping
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Our Foundation.

Did you know? Our founder, Malcom McLean, was coined the ‘father’ of shipping containerization and changed the entire thought process and physical movement of global trade as we know it today. This has always inspired us and we operate every single day with a mindset of ‘how can we do things better?’. We do this with genuine care and an authentic drive to see you succeed.
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