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International - Electronic Export Information (EEI)

International - Electronic Export Information (EEI)

Carrier may prepare, complete, process and/or file Electronic Export Information (EEI), formerly known as Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED), transmit to US Customs and Border Protection for submittal to the US Census Bureau for each shipment as defined in Rule 29.

In the absence of an EEI, or when requested by the shipper or shipper’s authorized representative, Carrier will prepare, complete, process and/or transmit EEI Carrier shall not be responsible for the accuracy of any information provided by shipper. Any penalties incurred due to a mis-declaration, late presentation or omission by shipper shall be the sole responsibility of the shipper.

The charge for preparation, completion, processing and/or filing of EEI is $70.00 per shipment.


$25.00 – Automobiles and passenger vehicles less than or equal to 900 cuft, factory new, used, manufacturer, dealer or privately-owned, for general highway use only