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Trailer Bridge Announces Launch of Business-Building ‘National Agent Program'

Trailer Bridge Announces Launch of Business-Building ‘National Agent Program'
14 May 2020

May 14, 2020, Jacksonville, Florida — Award-winning transportation and shipping company Trailer Bridge today announced the launch of a National Agent Program that gives partners across North America access to industry-leading logistics, transportation and supply chain services. Under the agency program, business development agents connect potential customers with Trailer Bridge, which handles the rest of the transaction from contracting through to managing and invoicing the freight services.

“Now, more than ever, the supply chain is critical. Even while many transportation providers are reducing their workforce or closing doors due to COVID-19, manufacturers still need to supply goods and services quickly, safely and securely,” Mitch Luciano President and CEO of Trailer Bridge shared in a written statement. “We take pride in offering an exceptional service that manufacturers can rely on. It’s a standard we’ve proven over time and recently earned the Trailer Bridge team a Quest for Quality award, as well.”

Trailer Bridge’s National Agent Program addresses the increasing demand for logistics services while simplifying the process of onboarding, deploying and managing the customer’s supply chain. It enables agents to offer industry-leading transportation solutions to customers including end-to-end logistics services for Truckload, Intermodal, Ocean, LTL, Expedited, and Warehousing, with booking and support provided directly by Trailer Bridge.

“We launched this Program to provide business development professionals with the opportunity to continue to respond to their customers and suppliers, and to support the current disruptions many are facing in supply chain,” stated Eric Masotti, Vice President of Logistics for Trailer Bridge. He added, “The program is structured to provide agents with maximum success through immediate access to technology, tools and marketing materials along with uncapped commissions from the start.”

The company has already received a great deal of interest from the market with the new program. They are in the process of registering new agents who in turn expand their reach by selling Trailer Bridge logistics and transportation services across North America.

Luciano said, “Even with the interruptions experienced by many in the market, sales and support functions remain a critical segment in the supply chain ecosystem. For Trailer Bridge, it makes perfect sense to address market trends on the front-end, where customers are relying on suppliers, as well as on the back-end where they demand a consistent structure of comprehensive service delivery and support. Especially now, customers need a transportation partner they can count on long-term and our National Agent Program helps both the independent business development agent and their customers.”

Specializing in over the road trucking and ocean shipping services across North America and the Caribbean, Trailer Bridge is an award-winning transportation provider most recently recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the Best Workplaces in 2020. The company has opened nine new offices in the last year.

If interested in joining the National Agent Program, please contact talentacquisition@trailerbridge.com.

About Trailer Bridge

Trailer Bridge is a privately held asset-owned logistics company that transports cargo across land, air, rail, and sea. A leader in transportation services, Trailer Bridge strives to provide customers the best possible service. This commitment to exceptional service has earned Trailer Bridge the Logistics Management Quest for Quality Award as #1 Ocean Carrier, Inc Magazine’s Best Workplaces in America, as well as recognition as one of the Best Places to Work in Jacksonville and as a Fastest Growing Company. Trailer Bridge is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, and operates 17 offices with over 200 employees across North America. For more information about Trailer Bridge, visit https://tbcurrentdev.wpengine.com.