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Trailer Bridge Container Shipments Increase from Port of Santo Domingo

Trailer Bridge Container Shipments Increase from Port of Santo Domingo
30 Apr 2020

April 30, 2020, Jacksonville, Florida — Trailer Bridge operations in the Dominican Republic continue to gain momentum with a 37 percent increase in container volumes from its Santo Domingo port since February. The transportation service leader’s combined fleet of 53-foot and 40-foot containers supports the export of goods manufactured in the Dominican Republic’s Free Trade Zone and shipped to the United States, including critical medical supplies.

“We’re shipping containers full of high-value medical supplies, so operating from a highly secure port with less congestion is essential to our operations and, of course, to our customers,” Jeff Vaughn, Chief Commercial Officer of Trailer Bridge, shared in a written statement.

Trailer Bridge is the only container line servicing the United States from the highly secure San Souci Terminal at the Port of Santo Domingo.

“We’re experiencing growth through the Port of Santo Domingo right now, particularly with critical medical-grade supplies to support the US response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Vaughn continued. “Many people rely on the products we ship for the medical industry, so schedule integrity is key,” he said.

Trailer Bridge sails twice weekly from Santo Domingo to Jacksonville, Florida, where cargo containers are then transported by rail or truck to their final stateside destination. Trailer Bridge recently added 300 new ocean shipping containers and 297 chassis to its fleet, which brings the company’s combined 40-foot and 53-foot container fleet to more than 3,500 units between the continental United States and the Caribbean. The company’s 53-foot containers offer 37 percent more volume than the standard 40-foot’ container, which lowers the per-unit shipment cost for customers, reduces the overall supply chain footprint, and shortens the time to deliver to the end-user.

An award-winning transportation provider, Trailer Bridge offers over the road trucking and ocean shipping across North America and the Caribbean.

About Trailer Bridge

Trailer Bridge is a privately held asset-owned logistics company that transports cargo across land, air, rail, and sea. A leader in transportation services, Trailer Bridge strives to provide customers the best possible service. This commitment to exceptional service has earned Trailer Bridge the Quest for Quality Award as #1 Ocean Carrier and recognition as one of the Best Places to Work in Jacksonville and as a Fastest Growing Company. Trailer Bridge is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, and operates 17 offices with over 200 employees across North America. For more information about Trailer Bridge, visit https://tbcurrentdev.wpengine.com.