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TRBR 008 - Rule 014 - Re-Consignment or Diversion of Shipment

TRBR 008 - Rule 014  -    Re-Consignment or Diversion of Shipment

Please be advised that effective June 6, 2020 If the Carrier at its option allows the discharge of shipment at a port other than the Bill of Lading port at request of shipper or consignee, a re-consignment or diversion charge, as per underlying carrier’s tariff will be assessed to both LCL cargo and full container load cargo. In addition, carrier reserves the right to assess an administrative fee for managing the re-consignment or diversion.

(A)A fee for re-issuance of Bill of Lading which, if applicable, will be charged separately from administrative diversion fees.

(B)All extra costs incurred for re-consignment or diversion of cargo, include but not limited to re-stowage, re-positioning, load or discharge costs, detention and/or demurrage costs, or inland haulage shall be for the account of the cargo and/or the party requesting the diversion, to be paid in full prior to release of cargo.

(C)Cargo will be re-rated and billed based on the diverted shipment in accordance with the governing tariffs, and/or service contract if applicable, at the time of shipment.

(D)A shipment may be diverted only once.

(E)Diversion of cargo only applies to full Bill of Lading quantities or full container loads only

(F)A shipment may not be re-consigned, diverted, or reshipped in violation of an embargo.

(G)Only entire shipments (not portions of any shipments) may be re-consigned or diverted.

(H)A shipment consigned “to order”, or consigned in any other manner which imposes upon the Carrier the obligation not to make delivery or permit diversion except upon surrender of original Bill of Lading may be diverted or re-consigned in advance only under the provisions of the Carrier’s tariff rules governing thedelivery of shipments consigned “to order”.

(I)Carrier will make diligent efforts to execute valid re-consignment or diversion orders, but will not be responsible, despite such efforts, if re-consignment or diversion is not effected.

(J)If diversion is effected to a port to which the rate is other than that assessed, Carrier will adjust freight charges to the rate applying to such port.

(K)Diversion request must be made 48 hours prior to vessel arrival at port based on written instructions from shipper or consignee. Diversion requests made less than 48 hours are subject to Corporate review.

(L)Charges for Re-consignment or Diversion of $100 per bill of lading