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Eff 06/07/21 – Booking Cancellation /No-Show Fee within the following scope:

Equipment Type CUR Fee

Dry USD 100 per container

Tank USD 200 per container

Flat rack/Open top USD 200 per container

(in-gauge & out-of-gauge)

Refrigerated USD 200 per container


Cancelled Booking Fees – unless otherwise specified, the above cancellation fee shall be assessed upon any container for which a shipper has taken possession for purposes of a booking or a NIT/SOL that has been received at the terminal which is later cancelled or reduced for any reason whatsoever.

In addition, bill to party shall be liable for any charges resulting from use of equipment as listed in rule 41.0 and rule 44.0, also including, but not limited to, terminal charges due to the receiving and/or releasing depot, gate fees, terminal handling charges, truck charges, dry charges or any other associated fees assessed.

Cancellations made for carrier’s convenience are not subject to this fee. This fee shall apply to any/all cancellation(s) of booking(s) that occur after equipment (regardless of type) has been assigned and removed from the depot and/or NIT/SOL cargo that has been received at the terminal which is later cancelled or reduced. This fee is applicable to all bookings that are cancelled, rolled or no-show same day of documentation cut-off. Additional fees associated with customer request for cargo rolling to a future sailing after receipt of cargo at terminal will apply.