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TRBR-200 Item 986 - Vehicles, Non-Running

TRBR-200 Item 986 - Vehicles, Non-Running

Please be advised that effective September 17, 2020, Carrier will not accept non-running vehicles.

If a vehicle is taken into possession fully operational, but fails to be moved onto the vessel under its own power after receipt, Carrier will hold the vehicle at the load port for customer to rectify the issue, remove the vehicle, or customer can request the Carrier to assist with rectifying the situation utilizing the following services: 

POV –  Jumpstart:                                             $25.00

NIT –  Jumpstart:                                               $50.00

POV – Flat Tire (add air):                                $25.00

Loading/Unloading (Tow Service):             $150 or actual cost, whichever is greater.

Carrier will not accept any liability or be responsible for damage that may occur as a result of performing such services and Carrier will decline any damage claims on such Vehicles.

Thank you and should you have any questions or require additional information, please be sure to contact your Trailer Bridge Sales Representative or Account Manager at 1-800-727-3859.