Vehicle Rate Information

Vehicle Rate Information for
Privately Owned Vehicles (POVs)

Revised: 7/26/2017

Jacksonville, FL to San Juan, PR

Passenger Vehicles (including Limousines n/e 18′ 6″ in length) *Not including Trucks, Vans & SUV’s…….$1,088.00*

Trucks, Vans, & SUV’s n/e 18′ 6″ in Length…….$1,173.00*
Motorcycles n/e 10′ in length & 60″ in Width…$640.00*

San Juan, PR to Jacksonville, FL

Passenger Vehicles – including Limousines, Trucks, Vans, & SUV’s n/e 18′ 6″ in length…….$711.00*
Motorcycles n/e 10′ in length & 60″ in Width…….$615.00*

*Rates Include all standard accessorial: MFS, PRPA, PSC,
THC, Wharfage, Security, SED Prep/Filing

Payments may be made at the port office by cashier’s check, money order,
American Express, MasterCard or Visa debit or credit card.
Cash, personal or company checks are NOT accepted at either location.

Call 1.844.TBSHIPS to make a vehicle payment by phone.
See our Payment Options for more information.

Conditional Charges: Charges are assessed only when these conditions exist. All fees are due without prior notice and payment is required prior to vehicle release.

USDA Debris Removal: Any vehicle determined by US Department of Agriculture inspection to require debris removal to remove foreign soil will be charged $90.00 (Charge includes wash and admin fee.)

Storage at Port: All vehicles must be removed from the final port within 7 days of barge arrival. Vehicles are assessed a daily charge for each day storage the vehicle remains in storage after the free time expires. Storage Fees: Day 1-5: Charges are $10 per day. Day 6+: Charges are $15 per day.

TWIC Escort (JAX Port Only): TWIC credentials are required for all public access to the port of Jacksonville facilities. These charges ($75 per hour and up) are assessed by JAXPORT directly. Charge details can be found on their website:

Third Party Vehicle Release: You may make arrangements to contract an approved third party company to deliver or retrieve your vehicle from the terminal on your behalf. All fees charged by the party you have contracted to provide this service are payable directly to the contracted party.

Extra Cargo: Customs requires you declare all items within your vehicle that are not part of the vehicle. Any vehicle found to contain undeclared cargo will be subject to $285 extra cargo fee. We highly recommend you do not ship any items within your vehicle. Trailer Bridge will not be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage to items left within the vehicle.

Vehicle Insurance: Vehicles in excess of 5 years: $1.12 per $100.00 of fair market value.

Additional Vehicle Insurance: Vehicles less than 5 years old: $1.12 per $100 declared value exceeding provided insurance coverage amounts.

Please note above rates are subject to change. Applicable published rate according to the Date of Vessel Sailing will apply.
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