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Equipment Fleet - Dimensions & Ratings

Equipment Fleet - Dimensions & Ratings
4 Mar 2024

Trailer Bridge stocks a variety of containers that can accommodate most freight transportation needs. The tables below contain the dimension and rating specifications for our fleet of dry and reefer containers including:

40′ Containers & Chassis
53′ Containers & Chassis – Trailer Bridge
53′ Containers & Chassis – J.B. Hunt
40′ Reefers & Chassis

Please note that the information provided is for the most common container of each size and you should communicate any specific requirements when making your booking.

40’ Containers & Chassis

DescriptionWeight & Dimensions
Dimensions40’x 8’x 9’ 6”
Max Payload (Permit)58000 lb
Max Payload (Legal)*44000 lb
Container Tare8440 lb
Chassis Tare6800 lb
Volume2698 cu ft
Door Opening-Height8’ 6”
Door Opening-Width7’ 8”
Internal-Length39’ 6”
Internal-Width7’ 9”
Internal-Height8’ 10”

53’ Containers & Chassis – Trailer Bridge

DescriptionWeight & Dimensions
Dimensions53’x 8’6 x 9’ 6”
Max Payload (Permit)52000 lb
Max Payload (Legal)*40600 lb
Container Tare11570 lb
Chassis Tare7700 lb
Volume3920 cu ft
Door Opening-Height8’ 11”
Door Opening-Width8’ 2”
Internal-Length52’ 5.75”
Internal-Width8’ 3”
Internal-Height9’ 0”

53’ Containers & Chassis – J.B. Hunt

DescriptionWeight & Dimensions
Dimensions53’x 8’6 x 9’ 6”
Max Payload (Permit)Not Available
Max Payload (Legal)*43500 lb
Container Tare10500 lb
Chassis Tare6400 lb
Volume3920 cu ft
Door Opening-Height8’ 11”
Door Opening-Width8’ 2”
Internal-Length52’ 7”
Internal-Width8’ 4”
Internal-Height8’ 11”

40’ Reefers & Chassis

DescriptionWeight & Dimensions
Dimensions40’ x 8’ x 9’ 6”
Max Payload (Permit)526000 lb
Max Payload (Legal)*41000 lb
Reefer Tare10140 lb
Chassis Tare6800 lb
U/S Genset Tare w/ fuel1850 lb
Volume2366 cu ft
Door Opening-Height8’ 5”
Door Opening-Width7’ 6”
Internal-Width7’ 6”
Internal-Height8’ 4”

Dimensions and Weights can vary within same size category from what is posted here due to variances in design and parts used at the time of manufacture. All weights and dimensions noted are the measurements of our most common containers of that container size. Please inquire within if you have a specific limitation that must be met, otherwise rejection of equipment due to these weights and ratings is not the fault of Trailer Bridge.

*Weights noted are for GUIDANCE ONLY: Weights noted are based on heavier Sleeper-Cab Tractors which encompass the majority of OTR Movement. The legal weight on US Federal highways is 80,000 pounds. This gross weight includes the Truck, Fuel, Container, Chassis, Cargo, and every other item connected or carried by the Truck. The Max Cargo weight you can load on the Container will vary dependent on these variable weight items. Shippers are responsible for loading cargo in compliance with applicable weight limitations including Gross Weight and Axle weight balance (US Federal Bridge Law). Shipper also responsible for documenting accurate weight declarations on the Bill of Lading.