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2020 Year in Review: Still Making It Happen [VIDEO]

2020 Year in Review: Still Making It Happen [VIDEO]

While 2020 was certainly a challenging year, it gave us an opportunity to pull together and help keep one another afloat in new and unexpected ways. As a company, a team and a family, Trailer Bridge has done more than simply survive – we have thrived. Over the past year, we’ve seen expansions to our fleet, services, and even to the TB team.

Where other companies saw barriers to growth, Trailer Bridge saw opportunities for development. Our employees came together, striving to continue delivering the exceptional level of service their customers have come to know and love them for in spite of the obstacles.

Trailer Bridge remained flexible to change and adapted quickly to new market needs. For these reasons, among others, we continue to set the industry standard in logistics and freight services heading into what is hopefully a slightly less tumultuous 2021.

Take a peek at what we achieved together in 2020:

2020 Year in Review: The Full Transcript

Presenter: 2020 has brought us unprecedented change to the world we once knew.

News Snippet 1: Breaking news tonight. The coronavirus outbreak declared a global pandemic.

News Snippet 2: The coronavirus is now rocketing…

News Snippet 3: Duval County added 714 additional cases…

News Snippet 4: Mandatory social distancing…

News Snippet 5: Mass mandate went into effect…

News Snippet 6: Sanitize your hands…

News Snippet 7: …doesn’t discriminate. It attacks everyone…

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis: All Floridians to limit movements and personal interactions outside the home.

Presenter: It has challenged us all to come together and adapt in ways that we never imagined – because life still happens.

Here at Trailer Bridge, we remained flexible amidst change, pursued growth and learning, and continued to deliver exceptional service – both as a company and individually as employees.

In 2020, we expanded our service offerings to include reefers and international freight forwarding, acquired three new permanent brokerage offices, added 55 new employees to our family. We are still growing…

2020 has challenged us to learn to communicate effectively in new ways – faster ways.

Distance is not what it used to be. But we still go the extra mile for you.

And during this trying change, it has inspired opportunity. It has given us opportunities to give back to our communities. These opportunities are what moves us to be better, to be different, and to continue to set the industry standard on land, sea, air, and rail.

We have grown and adapted every step of the way in 2020. We have added 300 new ocean containers and 297 chassis, offering our customers the highest interior height clearances, greatest cubic capacity, and the largest maximum payload.

At Trailer Bridge, our fleet now consists of 3500 containers and more than 3000 chassis that provide cost-effective services to our customers and delivering as promised. Because together, we make it happen.

Check out some of Trailer Bridge’s 2020 highlights:

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