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Enhanced Services to Dominican Republic

Enhanced Services to Dominican Republic
3 Apr 2017

April 3, 2017


By Junior Skepple, Reporter, Jacksonville Business Journal

Trailer Bridge, Inc., recently began a route to the Virgin Islands and announced additional freight services to the Dominican Republic from Jaxport as a part of their growth plan. With the enhanced service in the Dominican Republic, Trailer Bridge now provides shipping services from the north and south side of the island.

“Over the last couple of years Trailer Bridge has been much stronger financially. We decided to open up to the Dominican Republic and the Virgin Islands because we had a lot of clients asking us to serve those areas,” President and CEO of Trailer Bridge Mitch Luciano said. “Our main business is in Puerto Rico and it’s a pretty heavy exporter for the U.S. and the Dominican Republic is a heavy importer into the U.S., so it’s a great balance for us.”

The company has two sailings per week to Santo Domingo, in addition to its long running weekly call from Jaxport’s Blount Island Marine Terminal to Puerto Plata. The Santo Domingo service utilizes one Roll-on/Roll-off barge, plus one combination Lift-on/Lift-off and Roll-on/Roll-off barge to move containerized cargo, flatbed breakbulk cargo, passenger vehicles, large construction and farming equipment, boats and other oversized specialty cargo. The vessels also call San Juan, Puerto Rico during the twice weekly rotation to Santo Domingo.

“Our logistics group has grown significantly and we are the only 53-foot provider in the Dominican Republic and the Virgin Islands,” Luciano said.

Trailer Bridge does not have any further plans to expand their services in the Caribbean. In addition to servicing the Caribbean, there is a heavy focus on the shipping services $50 million domestic business.

“We want to grow. Trailer Bridge has been a $120 million business for many years and we want to double that in the next couple years,” Luciano said.

Article from bizjournals.com/jacksonville, see ithere.