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How to #thankatrucker for Truck Driver Appreciation Week

How to #thankatrucker for Truck Driver Appreciation Week

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is an annual celebration of the men and women who deliver goods safely to every corner of the country, keeping roads and highways safe en route. This year, it’s happening from September 13th to 19th—and we encourage you to take part!

American truck drivers travel more than 421 billion miles and deliver nearly 70% of total U.S. freight tonnage per year, according to the American Trucking Association. In fact, trucking provides 6% of all jobs across the U.S.!

Here at Trailer Bridge, our drivers logged 6,409,905 miles last year, which is like driving the circumference of the planet over 257 times!

This year, it’s particularly important that we each take the time and make the effort to show truck drivers our love. The Coronavirus pandemic served as a stark reminder of just how critically important truck drivers are in keeping us in food, medicine, and other essential supplies.

How can you thank a trucker and show gratitude to the over 3.5 million men and women who power the industry for their commitment to keeping us safe?

Here are 5 ideas to thank a trucker:

  1. Buy a trucker a meal or a hot beverage. You don’t even have to know a trucker to do this—see if you can pay in advance at your favorite coffee shop or diner for the next truck driving customer they serve!
  2. Drive safely and be respectful on the road. Remember that trucks require greater stopping distance.
  3. If you’re in the position to do so, keep business restrooms open for truck drivers. COVID-19 has made this difficult for business owners, but trucking is an essential service, and drivers need facilities to use along their routes.
  4. Give gifts that truckers can use to enhance life on the road. For example, we give our drivers water bottles, multi-use tools, t-shirts, industrial flashlights and other practical gifts during Driver Appreciation Week.
  5. Taking a road trip? Have the kids make ‘Thank You” signs to hold up to their windows when passing trucks. Long-haul drivers may be away from their family for extended periods and these small gestures can put a smile on a trucker’s face.

Share your creative ideas for expressing gratitude on social media using the #thankatrucker hashtag.

How We Thank Our Truckers

In years past, we’ve celebrated our truck drivers with parties, awards, gifts, and our in-person thanks. This year, of course, we’re adapting to the restrictions of COVID-19. Trailer Bridge truck drivers will be picking up their gift bags at our head office in Jacksonville and this year, they’re receiving t-shirts and face masks, as well.

We think it’s important to celebrate the hardworking professionals of the trucking industry all year-round! Each month, we recognize a top member of our driving team in our Drivers Hall of Fame. Over the last year, these honorees have included:

Truck Driver Appreciation Week - recognition for truckers at Trailer Bridge throughout the year

August 2019 – Miljan Kozul
September 2019 – Carlos Morales
October 2019 – Antonio Parker
November 2019 – Kenny McGovern
December 2019 – Ricky Bichsel
January 2020 – Kirk Nelson
February 2020 – Jason Merrill
March 2020 – Lucio Fernandez
April 2020 – Matt Martin
June 2020 – Ulysses Turner
July 2020 – Terry Fish
August 2020 – Dusty Nipper

Take a look back at our Truck Driver Appreciation event last year in Puerto Rico! This year certainly presents challenges in having a large gathering; you can expect a scaled back and socially distant celebration as we work hard to keep one another safe.