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How to Find the Schedule B Number for Your Shipment

How to Find the Schedule B Number for Your Shipment
27 Jul 2023

It is required that shippers provide Schedule B numbers for all goods over $2500 being exported from the United States. Below, you will find information on what a Schedule B number is as well as a resource to help you locate the correct number for your product.

What is a Schedule B Number?

A Schedule B number (also known as a Schedule B code) is among the many pieces of information you will need to provide when shipping cargo. It is a 10-digit U.S.-specific code used by the Unites States Census Bureau to classify items being exported from the country. It allows the government to determine if the shipment is compliant with export laws and collect trade data.

Why is a Schedule B Number Important?

In addition to classifying the items you are shipping; Schedule B has multiple applications during the export process:

  • Checking Export Administration regulations
  • Calculating tariffs and taxes
  • Filing Electronic Export Information (EEI)
  • Filling out shipping documents such as the Commercial Invoice and Certificate of Origin

As the shipper, having the correct Schedule B number will prevent misinformation that could lead to delays and excess costs.

How to Find Your Schedule B Number

The United States Census Bureau has a search engine that can help you easily locate the Schedule B number for your product. It is important to be as exact as possible on the specifications when searching for your item in the system. If you start your search with a generic term, the search engine will prompt you to select further options to narrow down the correct Schedule B number.

If you have any further questions about Schedule B numbers, please contact your Trailer Bridge Account Manager.