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TB Hosts a Snack n' Pack for a Worthy Cause

TB Hosts a Snack n' Pack for a Worthy Cause
3 Aug 2017

Employees of Trailer Bridge were proud to recently organize a backpack drive in support of the Anthony J. Stinson Jr. Association for Change’s Annual backpack event.  The Stinson Association, located in Jacksonville, Florida has a mission to support under served youth by offering them the opportunity to have a safe haven to play, learn, and create a lasting connection within their community.

As part of our goal to give back to the community where we work, Trailer Bridge’s Community Service Team organized a Snack n’ Pack drive to fill the backpacks needed with school supplies for the youth served by the Stinson Association.   Trailer Bridge supplied the backpacks and employees donated all of the supplies and stuffed them into packs for the event.

“We have a strong sense and understanding of family at Trailer Bridge and that includes giving back to the very communities where our TB families live.  Our Community Service Team helps provide us this opportunity by organizing a number of drives and events throughout the year.  It’s wonderful to see how excited our TB family is  to voluntarily support a variety of local causes and organizations.” said Trailer Bridge CEO and President, Mitch Luciano.

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For more information about the Anthony J. Stinson Jr. Association for Change: http://www.ajsjr54.org/