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The Power of Technology to Increase Supply Chain Visibility

The Power of Technology to Increase Supply Chain Visibility

The mass transition to remote work, supply chain interferences, and new sourcing challenges have changed logistics, especially with regard to capacity and timelines. The industry has been flooded recently with articles about digital transformation and technological innovation across the supply chain.

But what does that actually look like in practice?

At Trailer Bridge, we’re in the process of transitioning our transportation management system (TMS) to a single, intuitive, user-friendly solution powered by Mastery.

One of the greatest benefits of a single-point solution is that it gives customers and organizations alike a clear line of sight into every mile of a shipment’s domestic or international journey, driving efficiency and value.

Technology is a necessity when planning complex routes involving ocean, ground transportation, rail, air, or any combination thereof. But even the best-made plans must be able to flex, and that’s where our employees are still – and will always be – at the heart of our comprehensive logistics service. Providing our employees access to the latest industry pricing and trends, real-time weather and traffic, ports and trucking information, and more, only strengthens the relationship between us and the customer. Our employees are the backbone of Trailer Bridge and they have the capability to tailor solutions to a customer’s specific needs, and that’s essential to our business.

Mastery puts crucial information right at the fingertips of Trailer Bridge employees and customers — it’s always on and constantly monitoring internal and external factors that impact your shipments.

“Customer experience is the main reason we made the switch to Mastery,” Mitch Luciano, Trailer Bridge CEO, said in a recent interview. “The logistics software solutions introduced in the past tended to do one thing really well, but just that one thing. So you would log into one platform for ground pricing, another for ocean pricing, and yet another for tracking your shipment. It will be much easier for customers going forward, as they’ll find all of the information needed to price, plan, and track a shipment anywhere in the world with a single sign-on to Trailer Bridge.”

This doesn’t replace the high-touch service Trailer Bridge is known for, he adds. Doing business has changed drastically over the past two years, and with that change, our employees have continued to make our customers a priority. Implementing this new technology will only empower our team further to provide exceptional experiences across all lines of business.

Integrating technology as an assistive layer versus a replacement for human experience ensures that we’ll be able to provide the same great service our customers have come to expect, with an even better line of sight into each shipment, every step of the way.

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