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Trailer Bridge CCO on Progress Toward Supply Chain Resilience Post-Pandemic

Trailer Bridge CCO on Progress Toward Supply Chain Resilience Post-Pandemic
2 Jul 2024

The March issue of InBound Logistics “That’s a Good Question” series invited industry leaders to weigh in on the progress being made toward supply chain resiliency post-pandemic. Trailer Bridge’s Chief Commercial Officer Jeff Vaughn joined the conversation offering insights based on decades of experience and his daily interactions with shippers big and small.

“Progress in supply chain resiliency has been made post-pandemic, even while we continue to adapt to new global challenges,” said Vaughn. “Shippers are implementing diversification strategies around sourcing markets, with real impacts being felt in Mexico and the Caribbean. We’ve also seen a strong focus on visibility, flexibility, and clear communication between shippers and suppliers.”

Nearshoring has long been a topic of discussion across the industry however, more recently the rise in manufacturers moving into Mexico has skyrocketed. The country surpassed China as the largest exporter to the U.S. in 2023; this stat is supported by a push for diversification as well as other positives such as the enactment of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

This push to diversification is also being felt in shifting ocean trade lanes and ports of entry. According to Vaughn, this shift is increasing the need for visibility and communication therefore pushing businesses to really invest in the technology needed to obtain that. Trailer Bridge itself is making those investments, implementing the Mastermind™ transportation management system offered by Mastery Logistics Systems to increase visibility across its business divisions.

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