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Trailer Bridge Executives Recognized as Supply & Demand Chain Executive 2023 Pros to Know

Trailer Bridge Executives Recognized as Supply & Demand Chain Executive 2023 Pros to Know
28 Mar 2023

Chief Executive Officer Mitch Luciano, Chief Commercial Officer Jeff Vaughn, and Chief People Officer Indie B. Bollman were named 2023 Pros to Know by Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine. The award honors supply chain leaders whose achievements are making a lasting impact on this industry through innovative solutions, collaboration, and team development.

At Trailer Bridge we are committed to taking a different approach to the supply chain industry, one that is driven on service to our employees, customers, and community. These three leaders embody this approach through their commitment to putting relationships first while driving the company forward.

Mitch Luciano, CEO

As CEO of Trailer Bridge, Mitch spends his days helping to foster innovation across the supply chain. Mitch leads the strategic direction of the business and advocates for a company culture that is built of love, kindness, and service. He also works alongside local leaders in both Jacksonville, Florida, and Puerto Rico, to advocate for the maritime and transportation industry.

True to his nature, Mitch’s excitement for receiving this award was rooted in the love for his employees:

“It is always an honor to be recognized in the industry, especially for our culture and growth, though all the credit goes to the amazing 300 Trailer Bridge family members I get to work with. They are the ones that truly make it happen!”

Some of Mitch’s contributions to the supply chain industry in the past year include:

  • Leading Trailer Bridge in significant growth which landed the company on Jacksonville Business Journal’s Fast 50 list of fastest growing companies in Northeast Florida
  • Fostering a culture that has led to Trailer Bridge winning multiple awards for creating a healthy workplace and placing on the Jacksonville Business Journal’s Best Places to Work list
  • Partnering with Mastery Logistics Systems, Inc. to implement MasterMind™ TMS technology, creating a more efficient logistics experience for employees and customers
  • Collaborating with leadership at the Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) to sign a long term-lease agreement that will allow Trailer Bridge to continue serving Puerto Rico until at least 2041

Jeff Vaughn, CCO

Jeff is responsible for developing and leading the strategic commercial goals for Trailer Bridge including the wins needed to hit the company’s growth and increased market share targets. He spearheads the company’s sales efforts across all business lines and works with executive leadership team to develop a workforce that serves each other, our customers, and the communities where we live, work and play.

Some of Jeff’s notable accomplishments in the past 12 months include:

  • Launching and developing a new division, Trailer Bridge International, that expands the company’s ability to move freight globally
  • Leading the growth of Trailer Bridge’s revenue, earning the company a spot on the Jacksonville Business Journal’s Fast 50 List
  • Speaking at The Logistics & Supply Chain Forum presented by Richmond Events
  • Supporting the launch of Trailer Bridge’s new TMS, Mastermind™, across the company and helping to further develop the platform’s CRM and ocean transportation support capabilities

Indie B. Bollman, Chief People Officer

As Chief People Officer of Trailer Bridge, Indie’s focus is on supporting the employees of Trailer Bridge to maintain a culture that they thrive in and love, and in turn supports the growth and success of the business. Her responsibilities also include overseeing the strategy implementation of the company’s people-focused departments including Employee Services, Training and Development, and Talent Acquisition, as well as Marketing creative direction and initiatives.

Her unique approach embraces pushing boundaries to continuously create new growth and learning opportunities for Trailer Bridge’s employees:

“At Trailer Bridge we do things a little differently in many aspects, and we’re not afraid to give something new a try. We’ve always believed that investing in our people as a top priority would lead to success and growth of our business,” said Indie. “We love our people and support the culture they’ve created, and we genuinely believe that if you do your best for your team, they will thrive and the results will speak for themselves. Thanks to our amazing team, that’s exactly what has happened, and continues to happen each day.”

Some of Indie’s notable accomplishments in the past 12 months include:

  • Growing the Trailer Bridge team by 41% and reducing the company’s turnover rate by more than 5% year over year
  • Supporting the hiring and onboarding of 125+ new Trailer Bridge employees
  • Launching an internal Training & Development Team focused on creating programs that provide employees tools they need to be successful in both their current roles and prepare them for their next career move
  • Leading the company’s internal Upskilling program, which curates learning opportunities for each employee, based on their position and interests

Read more about the Supply & Demand Chain Executive 2023 Pros to Know winners here.

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