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Trailer Bridge is a 2020 Healthiest Companies Award Winner!

Trailer Bridge is a 2020 Healthiest Companies Award Winner!
27 Oct 2020

Trailer Bridge is honored to have received an award from First Coast Worksite Wellness Council for our commitment to employees’ health and wellness.

It’s an important distinction for the TB Family, as we’ve strived to create a culture of wellness—and that’s never been more important than throughout this past year.

The Healthiest Company Awards give special recognition to companies that have made notable strides towards improving health and safety for their team. Community leaders for worksite wellness, their organization provides companies and wellness professionals with programs, education and resources to optimize their employee health and wellness programs.

Companies involved are assessed on:

  • Leadership alignment
  • Promoting a healthy work environment and culture
  • Wellness collaboration and program design
  • Wellness programs and initiatives to support wellbeing
  • Evaluating and measuring opportunities and successes

At Trailer Bridge, our employees are and will always be our top priority.

Our people are the heart and soul of our company. They are the creativity, problem-solving, dedication and love that makes it happen.

As Indie Bollman, VP of Organizational Development explains in The Best Place to Work is the Best Place to Do Business. Here’s Why, “When our people are taken care of—when they are energized and fulfilled and are plugged into how we serve others—they take care of our customers in that same spirit.” 

At Trailer Bridge, all employees have access to health insurance, which includes dental, vision, life insurance, disability, and AD&D. They are also provided with a retirement savings plan, a flexible spending account and a health savings account. Further benefits include paid time off and holiday alongside parental and maternal leave. And we also offer employee assistance, tuition reimbursement, as well as leadership development and fitness programs. 

Looking after employees becomes all the more important in times of crisis.

With the onset of COVID-19, we implemented a number of safety measures to protect and assist team members. These included enhanced social distancing and sanitization practices for those who remained on-site and specific support for those who transitioned to working remotely. 

To support the mental wellbeing of our TB Family during a period of widespread fear, stress, isolation and uncertainty, we arranged for employees to have access to online and telephone counseling. We also organized weekly meetings to provide information about the company’s future directions, in a forum that encourages individuals to voice any questions or concerns they may have. Finally, we set up an intranet site, connecting all of our offices and departments with access to contests, events, news, and most importantly to other people. 

However, while COVID-19 has brought employee wellness to the forefront of everyone’s minds, and rightly so, here at Trailer Bridge it’s been a priority for us long before the pandemic began—and will remain so long after it is over. 

Our Core Values drive us to keep making Trailer Bridge an excellent place to work.

Trailer Bridge's core values drive the empathy, love and respect our employees deserve.

The positive and trusting company culture we’ve worked to build together has previously earned us recognition by Jacksonville Business Journal as the #1 Place to Work in Jacksonville, by Inc. Magazine as a Best Workplace for 2020, and by Quest for Quality Awards who dubbed us Best-in-Class Ocean Freight Carrier.

But we’re not done yet! We will continue to work hard at creating a work environment where all team members feel valued and appreciated and support every employee’s wellbeing. After all, the success of any company hinges on the work of its various team members. As our CEO Mitch Luciano points out, “When you love and care for your employees, they build the business for you.”

In this uncertain market, through the continued hard work of our dedicated team members, we have continued sailing at full capacity. We have even added 180 new customers to our logistics business with record-setting growth. These are achievements of which our employees can justifiably be proud.

Trailer Bridge is hiring! If you like the sound of what we do and think you could bring value as a member of the TB Family, check out our careers page to see what jobs are currently on offer.