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Trailer Bridge Takes Silver in the 2021 Workplace Wellness Awards

Trailer Bridge Takes Silver in the 2021 Workplace Wellness Awards
5 May 2021

Trailer Bridge is delighted to be recognized once again by the First Coast Worksite Wellness Council Inc. (FCWWC) for our work to support the health and wellbeing of our employees, especially during this incredibly challenging past year.

We received the 2021 Healthiest Companies Award, Silver Level. This demonstrates our commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle through communications and on-site activities – for all dimensions of wellness including physical and mental health.

The Healthiest Companies Awards underscore FCWWC’s mission of improving the health of the First Coast community by shining a spotlight on local businesses that are going the extra mile to support their employees.

Companies who receive awards are assessed on:

  • Leadership Alignment
  • Promoting a Healthy Work Environment and Culture
  • Wellness Collaboration and Program Design
  • Wellness Programs and Initiatives to Support Wellbeing
  • Evaluating and Measuring Opportunities and Successes

Despite one of the toughest, most unpredictable years, TB family members country-wide have worked to keep crucial supply chains open. We have continued to support our customers, delivering essential items such as food, personal protective equipment, and medical supplies to Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and North America.

We wanted our employees to remain healthy and to feel valued during the pandemic.

One of the biggest challenges many companies were faced with from the start of the pandemic was keeping their workers physically safe. At Trailer Bridge, we knew we had to react quickly to protect our people and ensure they had the resources required to continue working effectively.

We implemented a COVID-19 Policy which included daily temperature checks, social distancing, and physical protective barriers. We also limited the number of people in the office so we could all continue to safely do our jobs.

However, protecting physical wellbeing was just the tip of the iceberg for employees suddenly dealing with massive changes in their work and home situations. That’s why we committed to supporting our team members in any way that we could.

Initiatives put in place during this time include:

  • Offering employee assistance programs as well as individual counseling sessions.
  • Providing cell phone stipends to those working remotely.
  • Supplying tablets for employees with children involved in distance learning.
  • Ensuring regular communication regarding COVID-19 safety.
  • Extending paid time off carry-over hours to an additional 40 hours per year.

The Trailer Bridge Way

At Trailer Bridge, we pride ourselves on our exceptional company culture that comes directly from the people who work here. It’s at the heart of everything we do. It shows in everything we do. It allows us to provide excellence in shipping and transportation.

Team leaders are tasked with proactively cultivating this culture. One of the best ways of doing this is through open and honest communication that goes both ways, enabling people to feel both supported and heard.

CEO Mitch Luciano explains:

“In times of uncertainty, employees are looking to their leaders for reassurance and compassion. And when you come through for them, they give it right back. They have the energy and the capacity to go above and beyond for your customers.”

… and our employees really do!

We are very fortunate to have a great group of people working for us. Our job is to ensure that they have the tools to do their very best for every one of our customers so that we can continue providing the very highest standards of customer service that we have become known for. That is why our employees’ wellbeing was, is, and will always be one of Trailer Bridge’s top priorities.

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