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Trailer Bridge VP of Government Affairs Featured in NDTA's Defense Transportation Journal

Trailer Bridge VP of Government Affairs Featured in NDTA's Defense Transportation Journal

Trailer Bridge’s Alex Vohr, Vice President Government Affairs, was recently published in the Defense Transportation Journal (DTJ) – the official publication of the NDTA. Throughout the article, Alex discusses the importance and urgency of the ability to deploy, establish, and maintain weaponry through strategic relationships before conflict commences. Alex goes on to present four recommendations on investing in the logistics distribution capacity and capability for today’s military.

Here is a preview:

At the 2021 NDTA Fall Meeting, General Ovost, the Commander of U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM), described the need for “resilient, reliable, agile, and adaptable logistics capabilities.” The U.S. distribution logistics capabilities are what General Ovost described them to be however, they are not robust in scale to even approach meeting the potential need. Similar to the UK in the years following the Falkland Islands conflict, the U.S. will be challenged today in deploying and sustaining forces sufficient to confront capable regional threats.

Over the last 20 years, there has been tremendous investment in logistics command and control technology to drive system efficiency. Efficiency through visibility and accuracy is important, it reduces the requirement for physical assets, but no investment in artificial intelligence, machine learning, decision advantage, or transportation management systems is the panacea to offset the requirement for physical network infrastructure and transportation assets.

Even in today’s information age, the tyranny of time, distance, mass, and dimensions still exist for logisticians. What is to be done?Alex Vohr, Vice President Government Affairs

To access the full DTJ article, please click here.