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Announcing Trailer Bridge’s 2023 President’s Award Honorees

Announcing Trailer Bridge’s 2023 President’s Award Honorees
21 Dec 2023

Trailer Bridge is proud to announce this year’s President’s Award Recipients:

  • Ruben Montero, Truck Operations Team Lead
  • Jason Angell, Strategic Accounts Manager
  • Kari Gomez, Logistics Administrator, NVOCC & Compliance, Trailer Bridge International

Each year, the President’s Award is presented to three exceptional individuals from Trailer Bridge who embody the company’s culture of love and kindness in every interaction, from customers to colleagues.

This tradition was started by Trailer Bridge CEO Mitch Luciano in 2015, who hand-picks the winners based on his interactions with them throughout the year and recommendations from others. The characteristics required of those considered for the distinction can be summed up in 3 words: honesty, integrity, and respect.

As one of the highest honors in the company, it is important to Mitch that the qualifications for this award are based on merit and character, rather than work performance as is the case with many other places. This is because he believes that the character of Trailer Bridge’s people is the most impactful factor in moving the company forward.

One winner is chosen from each of Trailer Bridge’s 3 major divisions: Ocean, Logistics, and Puerto Rico. Below, each winner reflects on what the President’s Award means to them.

Ruben Montero, Ocean Division

Love is not a word you commonly find in the workplace, but Mitch is a big believer that incorporating it in what you do makes all the difference. Ruben is an example of this.

“Since the day Ruben joined our family, he has always gone above and beyond anything he was asked to do while leading his efforts with his heart, which means a lot to me,” Mitch said.

What does receiving the President’s Award mean to you?

“Receiving the President’s Award signified to me that hard work is noticed and appreciated. I felt very honored and grateful for what Trailer Bridge has helped me achieve in my career. I will continue to help others and show this company how thankful I am to have the opportunity to be here and grow.”

Jason Angell, Logistics Division

As a strategic accounts manager, Jason must communicate with multiple stakeholders from all sectors of the business daily. The way he conducts himself during these exchanges has stood out and served as an example for others over the years.

“Jason has always been a consideration for this award,” said Mitch. “He always demonstrates integrity, love, and respect for others no matter if they are TB family, customers, carriers, or vendors.”

What does receiving the President’s Award mean to you?

“It’s an honor to be recognized for an award that highlights honesty, integrity, and respect. I believe these are some of the most important qualities you can find in a person, and that’s what makes this award so special to me. Receiving the President’s Award also makes me reflect on the amazing people I’ve worked with and the individuals that helped me along the way. I’ve had an incredible journey at Trailer Bridge so far and this is probably the most important thing I have been recognized for at this company.”

Kari Gomez, Puerto Rico

Kari recently graduated from Trailer Bridge’s Extreme Leadership program, facilitated by CEO Mitch Luciano and Vice President of Marketing and Communications Whitney Croxton, and her personality made a lasting impression.

“Getting to know Kari through the leadership program truly showed me her passion for life, love for others, and true desire to better herself every day,” said Mitch.

What does receiving the President’s Award mean to you?

“Receiving this award is an incredible honor. When you do what you are passionate about, you energize your surroundings, and I am grateful that others around me can see that and be a part of it. I love my work, TB, my team, and what our culture represents. Not in my wildest dreams did I think I would be recognized not only for my work, but for who I am as a person.”

Trailer Bridge is honored to recognize Ruben, Jason, and Kari who all serve as examples of the type of people we want to lead the company into the future.

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