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Develop Empathy & Common Goals to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

Develop Empathy & Common Goals to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

Over the last few decades, transportation businesses have increasingly taken on an assembly line approach to the processes that drive operations and customer service. When clear lines of distinction are drawn between different areas of the business in this way, companies may try to motivate employees with incentives but too often end up in positioning them in competition with one another. While it is fine for businesses to have specialists, no one employee or group should feel separated from the rest of the company. 

Upskilling initiatives that give people the skills to help them cross business segments are just one step in working towards a common business goal. Ultimately, employees should be looking at the big picture and cultivating human relationships through empathy and understanding. While many companies are looking at automation and technology to make themselves more efficient, it’s employees who will provide accountability and problem solving when it’s needed most.

In his latest column for Supply Chain Brain, our VP of Logistics, Eric Masotti, challenges companies to reposition employees to work towards common goals and develop empathy for one another. 

Don’t be afraid of your employees becoming more valuable. Give them the tools to cross boundaries and add the human touch to your business. They will make all the difference with the customer.

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