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Do You Have a Company Culture Employees Want to Come Back To?

Do You Have a Company Culture Employees Want to Come Back To?
29 Oct 2020

Recent survey results from PwC tell us that since the Coronavirus pandemic, 77% of employees would like to work from home at least two days a week. There are real, tangible reasons people may want to work from home—reduced commuting time and expense, and concerns over exposure to COVID-19 among them.

But there are also drawbacks to working remotely. In its State of Remote Work survey, Buffer found that the inability to unplug, loneliness, and difficulty collaborating were top barriers to remote work cited by employees. Those are some fairly impactful issues.

Coming into the office should be a fun, restorative, collaborative experience that gets employees energized and ready to do their best work. Maybe it’s time we take a critical look at why else employees may not want to return to the workplace.

In her latest column for TalentCulture, our VP of Organizational Development Indie Bollman does just that. And as she wrote, “The question isn’t whether your people will be able to work remotely over the long-term. We have the communications and collaboration technology to make it happen. The real question is whether your company can survive a sustained remote environment.”

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