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Trailer Bridge Receives 2024 Healthiest Companies Platinum Award

Trailer Bridge Receives 2024 Healthiest Companies Platinum Award
8 May 2024

Trailer Bridge received the 2024 Healthiest Companies Platinum Award by the First Coast Worksite Wellness Council, signaling its ongoing efforts supporting employee wellbeing. This marks the company’s 5th year being named a Healthiest Company and its first Platinum level recognition.

“We are honored to win another Healthiest Companies award this year and thrilled to receive the platinum level award for the first year ever,” said Vice President of Employee Services Kacy Swanson. “It’s a testament to our progressive approach to employee well-being and reflects the importance of care and support that is deeply rooted within the core of our organization.”

Reserved for organizations who have established wellness as an integral part of their culture, the Platinum award is the highest Healthiest Companies honor that can be received.

In 2023, Trailer Bridge introduced TBWell, a robust and holistic approach to employee health designed to incorporate physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial wellbeing initiatives. To ensure the program was aligned with employees’ needs and preferences, participation opportunities were provided in multiple formats. This included book clubs, lunch and learns, healthy eating challenges, yoga classes, biometric screenings, an on-site wellness fair, and much more.

Introduced in 2022, ClassPass is another major benefit offered to support employee health. Each month, Trailer Bridge employees receive free credits to use on the app, which can be redeemed for local wellness services including everything from fitness classes to spa treatments. Through this platform, employees are free to explore a variety of activities without the barriers of cost or membership commitment. In 2023, 521 services were booked across the company.

But when it comes to success, the proof is in the data. By comparing medical claim statistics year over year, the impressive strides Trailer Bridge made in 2023 is clear:

  • 5% reduction in claims related to Diabetes
  • 20% decrease in Coronary Heart Failure
  • 9% decline in Coronary Heart Disease

These results reflect the company’s core belief that investing in its employees’ health is an investment in the business. “It’s a proud moment for us all, as it highlights our collective commitment to fostering a culture of health and vitality,” said Kacy. “We strongly believe that a healthy workforce is not only happier but is integral to our long-term success.”

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