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How Does Company Culture Impact Customer Service?

How Does Company Culture Impact Customer Service?
19 Nov 2021

We spend about one-third of our lives at work; shouldn’t that be at a company investing in you as much as you invest in them?

A company’s culture directly reflects its values and how it manages its employees. Contributing to an employee’s quality of life while providing training, performance feedback, and opportunity for growth builds the trust needed for the foundation of a long-term employee.

When management leads with love and empathy, they bolster their workforce to excel in their field, their position — and in customer service. This is where company culture really has the power to make or break a business.

The Relationship Between Company Culture and Customer Service

When individuals are empowered and valued at work, that same energy carries over to customer service. In addition, understanding employees can help management obtain the resources, technology, and training employees need to be efficient in their role and provide top-notch customer service.

At Trailer Bridge, our company culture is defined by 12 Core Values.

“We’re creating a culture where employees are encouraged to do their very best and provide exceptional service, so they can truly be proud of the work they do,” said Mitch Luciano, CEO at Trailer Bridge.

An important part of that culture is listening to the employees and how we take care of them. We have comprehensive benefit packages centered around the needs of our employees, by hearing and implementing what they want and need for themselves and their families. This includes mentoring programs, upskilling opportunities, and wellness initiatives. “We always want to make sure our people have what they need and that we are investing in them as much as they invest in Trailer Bridge,” explains Luciano.

Transparency is key. TB’s leadership is focused on what helps our employees win, what helps them grow, and we involve them in decision-making. Our purpose at Trailer Bridge is to help our people serve other people. That value will never be absent as we continue to grow.

How can you improve company culture to benefit logistics customers?

“Improving the employee experience is your most direct route to improving customer experience,” says Indie Bollman, Vice President of Organizational Development at Trailer Bridge. She adds that establishing growth and career opportunities are critical for employees is not only the right thing to do for the team, but it also helps them remain committed to the company.

It is also essential that leaders lead with love and compassion, establishing new leadership opportunities for all who want to learn and grow with the company. Another tool to improve company culture is to ask the right questions of employees to gain insights into their needs, aspirations and incorporate them wherever possible.

Management must always be proactive in determining how best to aid and support employees’ development and provide them with the tools and opportunities needed to excel throughout their careers. Getting to know your employees and paying attention to their needs cultivates trust. With trust comes confidence in decision-making and that’s just one piece of the puzzle.

Let’s finish with some valuable takeaways going forward:

  • Invest in your people
  • Develop and nurture empathy
  • Foster an environment of trust
  • Lead by example
  • Have fun along the way

Our people are our sources of innovation and ultimately our success. Investing in and providing employees a purpose are key drivers to making it happen for our organization and what separates us from the competition.

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