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Humanizing Customer Experiences in a Virtual World: Mitch Luciano for Forbes Magazine

Humanizing Customer Experiences in a Virtual World: Mitch Luciano for Forbes Magazine
19 Nov 2020

With COVID-19 driving forward the pace of digital transformation and automation, companies are having to come up with new ways to keep people engaged. How can you keep up with the rapidly-changing times while still offering an exceptional customer experience?

Our CEO here at Trailer Bridge, Mitch Luciano, and our entire executive team believe one of the keys is learning to utilize technology to enhance employees’ performance rather than replacing them with it. In his most recent column at Forbes Magazine, Mitch reminds us that although technology can revolutionize the customer experience, it also has the power to disrupt it. After all, we can’t teach a machine to care about an outcome or have true passion for making sure the job is done right. What’s important is that you have the right people driving such systems, keeping them on track, and tailoring them to the customer’s specific needs. 

In any company, employees are the ones who know customers best. Your employees are the ones on the front lines, developing and nurturing the relationships that underline excellent customer service. Never have such relationships been more crucial than right now. 

As Mitch explains, “This moment in time requires greater empathy and caring than ever before. People are prioritizing their physical and mental health. They are embracing technologies that bring them peace of mind during this time of extreme disruption and stress. Giving customers an exceptional experience today and in the future requires a healthy dose of love and empathy.”

While this increased adoption of technology reflects the present times, many experts believe that they are here to stay. Companies need to respond to these changes by figuring out ways to best put technology to work for them while still preserving the employee-customer interactions that make them feel valued and keep them coming back. 

Check out Mitch’s article in full at Forbes.com