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A Q&A with 20-year Trailer Bridge Veteran Salvador Pons

A Q&A with 20-year Trailer Bridge Veteran Salvador Pons
20 Dec 2022

Trailer Bridge’s Puerto Rico Sales Manager Salvador Pons celebrated 20-years of dedicated service at Trailer Bridge in 2022. To honor his service and commitment to excellence throughout the past two decades, Sal received a special gift at the company’s Puerto Rico Christmas Party earlier this month.

He sat down with us for a quick Q&A session to share his story and advice for others beginning a career in logistics. Take a moment to read his insights and then join us in congratulating Sal on this career milestone.

Why have you stuck with Trailer Bridge for 20+ years?

Having worked with a couple of shipping companies before joining Trailer Bridge it was easy to see the contrast this company offered. Trailer Bridge has always been a company without many layers and red tape, making the sales efforts more fluid and accurate. Another important fact, we are a small group in Puerto Rico who always works as a team. It makes the experience a positive one.

What accomplishment are you most proud of during your time at Trailer Bridge?

There are several. But rising to the top is getting to know a lot of people inside and outside of the company and after 20 years, I can call them friends. This is a big accomplishment for me.

How has working at Trailer Bridge helped you achieve your personal goals?

In a lot of ways. First and foremost is this one, when you work in a company that takes care of you personally and professionally speaking, it will naturally help you to accomplish your personal goals. I am quite grateful for that.

How has Trailer Bridge changed since you started over 20 years ago?

That’s a good one. When I started with the company, Trailer Bridge was also a good company to work with but without direction whatsoever. Now, we have a management team that clearly shows the road to follow and provides employees with the tools and environment to accomplish it. People are more encouraged to do their best in the workplace now than ever before.

Salvador Pons giving a speech during the Puerto Rico Holiday Party.
Salvador Pons giving a speech during the Puerto Rico Holiday Party.

What advice do you have for people just getting started in the logistics industry?

Answer the damn phone that’s the first one. You have no idea of how much business I’ve got over the years just because the competitor did not respond or responded too late. You need to develop a level of confidence with potential clients or current ones to reach your goals.

Besides answering the phone, you need to be assertive and respond with clarity to any issue that comes up. To be more effective, you need to think as the owner of the company – make decisions based on that. Don’t be afraid to ask for the business. Close the deal.

Last but certainly not least is keeping your customers with you year after year. Getting new accounts is magnificent but earning their loyal to you and Trailer Bridge – or whatever company you work for – is the key.

Connect with Sal and learn more about his 20-year-plus career in transportation here. To learn more about a career in logistics with Trailer Bridge visit TrailerBridge.com/Careers/.

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