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Trailer Bridge CEO on the Importance of Partnership in Supply Chain Management

Trailer Bridge CEO on the Importance of Partnership in Supply Chain Management
17 Apr 2024

You’re writing a book about managing supply chains in 2025. What’s the longest chapter?

With all the change and disruption that has occurred in the industry in the past few years, whoever penned this book would have no shortage of topics to choose from: the rapid integration of AI, risk management in an unpredictable world, or navigating growth amidst rising interest rates, to name a few.

But when Inbound Logistics magazine posed this question to Trailer Bridge CEO Mitch Luciano for a recent article, his answer had nothing to do with operational considerations. Instead, he shifted the focus to the importance of people and relationships for long term supply chain success.

The title of his chapter: True Partnership.

Mitch goes on to explain:

“This would be even more essential in 2025. You see supply chain cycles happen every 4-5 years; this puts us due for another spike in rates and lack of capacity in 2025 and 2026, for both land and ocean movements. I’ve seen this time and time again in my 26+ years in this industry.

Many supply chain managers choose the lowest cost carrier that doesn’t have crappy service. When the supply chain shifts, these carriers immediately look for the highest paying freight or tell you their new high rates are effective tomorrow. What kind of partnership is that?

Managing supply chains is about finding true partnerships that will be with you when the (well, you know what fits here) hits the fan, and in turn, you will be there for them when your freight volumes dip.”

Read the full article in Inbound Logistics here.

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