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Trailer Bridge Launches MasterMind™ TMS with Mastery Logistics Systems, Inc.

Trailer Bridge Launches MasterMind™ TMS with Mastery Logistics Systems, Inc.
17 Aug 2022

August 17, 2022

Trailer Bridge, Inc. today announced the launch of the MasterMind™ technology across its logistics branches increasing visibility into customers freight movement and efficiency in its operations.

The launch is part of a strategic partnership with Mastery Logistics Systems, a company conceived by industry pioneer Jeff Silver. Beginning in 2021, Trailer Bridge collaborated with the Mastery team to begin their transition to the MasterMind™ platform. Together, Trailer Bridge will consolidate their technologies and service offerings to enhance the customer and employee experience.

“We are incredibly proud of the work that has been put into launching this platform,” said Trailer Bridge CEO Mitch Luciano. “Innovation is what drives our business forward and this project is an example of innovation at work as well as the incredible power of harnessing strong partnerships to drive growth.”

Trailer Bridge pushed out the new software to its 12 logistics branches across the U.S. and is currently working with Mastery to further develop the platform for its ocean business targeting a late 2023 launch.

The new technology is part of the company’s overall growth goals as it works to expand services to better serve today’s shipper, offering the same personalized level of customer service offered today. Recently, Trailer Bridge expanded its logistics operations opening additional offices in the Western U.S. and rapidly growing its team of logistics experts. It also added an International Division solely focused on handling the movement of freight around the world as well as teams focused on intermodal movements and less-than-truckload freight.

“The cross-team collaboration with Trailer Bridge, their vendors, and the Mastery project team has been critical to the success of this launch,” said Mastery VP of Sales Danielle Prigge. “Seeing their brokerage users and accounting users leveraging the MasterMind platform is a major milestone in the overall program. We are looking forward to continued success as Trailer Bridge scales their Ocean division.”

Mastery was launched in 2019 by Jeff Silver, the logistics expert behind Backhaulers and Coyote Logistics. Billed as ‘The World’s First Lovable TMS™,’ Mastery embraces the complexity of the logistics industry by bringing all operating functions into a single cloud-based TMS with built-in flexibility, visibility, control, and efficiency.