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2021 Year in Review: Creating Success Together

2021 Year in Review: Creating Success Together
27 Dec 2021

Closing out on one of the most challenging years in supply chain history found our team at Trailer Bridge steadfastly focused and delivering transportation solutions in what deemed to be impossible in some cases. As we prepare for the new year ahead, let’s take a moment to reflect on the accomplishments and successes we’ve had throughout 2021.

Trailer Bridge’s 30th Anniversary

2021 marked 30 years of Trailer Bridge being in business. Founded by transportation pioneer Malcom McLean, Trailer Bridge began in ocean shipping and has since expanded to become a trusted transportation solutions provider across the entire supply chain. Innovation runs through our veins and with our incredible team, we will continue to drive the company forward.

An Award-Winning Year

Trailer Bridge is honored to have been recognized both locally and nationally for our efforts to be the best in the business. We are incredibly thankful for a team of people that truly care about our customers and their experiences with Trailer Bridge, and it is nicely represented in the following awards:

Return to the Office

No one expected to be working from home for the duration of time that we did. The culture at Trailer Bridge thrives on human interaction, so it was an adjustment for the whole organization. Throughout that time however, our team did not waiver and continued to make our customers a priority.

While some companies created new work from home or hybrid policies, our goal was always to come back to the office. We know our employees can accomplish their responsibilities from any location, but to regain that connection of collaboration and camaraderie was the priority and is what makes Trailer Bridge, well, Trailer Bridge.

The corporate office re-opened its doors in early October and it was as if no time had passed. It is great to have everyone together again, working alongside each other developing and moving the company forward towards future growth and opportunities.

New Divisions & Locations

Trailer Bridge experienced tremendous growth throughout the past few years regardless of the challenges brought on by the pandemic and supply chain disruption. Two new divisions were added to the organization: a Government Division to support our nation’s federal and state agencies with transportation solutions, and an International Division to transport freight globally by building a complex supply chain solution from a single-source provider.

Additional growth was accomplished with the opening of our Nashville logistics branch, enhancing services for customers seeking reliable, full spectrum asset-based logistics services across North America. The Nashville branch marked our eighth logistics location and the first in Tennessee.

Moving Forward Together

Trailer Bridge is fueled by serving and delivering goods that families need in their everyday lives and supporting regions around the globe. As we move into 2022, the supply chain industry will remain pinched as it sorts itself out, but Trailer Bridge remains committed to progressing towards growth through its people, new locations, and new technology. We’re excited to continue the journey, working together as one, to extend new opportunities to our customers across the supply chain and making it happen for the communities in which we live and serve.