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Why Education, Culture, and Empowerment Make for a Successful Career in Logistics - A Conversation with Eric Masotti

Why Education, Culture, and Empowerment Make for a Successful Career in Logistics - A Conversation with Eric Masotti

Trailer Bridge President of Logistics Eric Masotti recently sat down with Trey Griggs, head of the daily sales, marketing & leadership podcast, Standing Out, powered by BETA Consulting Group, for a conversation focused on Eric’s career in transportation and logistics, and his leadership lessons learned along the way.

“I started out with a major international shipping company at the desk level,” said Masotti about the start of his career. “From there, I moved on to a startup and then eventually to Trailer Bridge. Along the way, I developed a version of confidence that allowed me to react quicker, better understand the business and the clients, and develop the best possible relationships. I still lean on those experiences to prepare me for various industry situations we face today.”

When it comes to running double-digit logistics offices across North America, Eric advises culture plays a large role of how the teams are managed, a core value of how Trailer Bridge operates – putting people first. “Culture is more than leadership. I give my team ownership over what they do,” stated Masotti. “Success is up to them. If they want it, they have to go get it.”

There is support that comes along with that statement. Trailer Bridge recently launched an internal Training & Development team to support the growth of its employees within their current and future roles – something Eric says will ultimately support the overall growth of the company. “We’re trying to educate as much as we can,” said Masotti. “If we have the right environment, the right tools, and the right staff, we can evolve into whatever we want.”

Additionally, Eric applies the mantra of “we’ll figure it out.” He emphasized you must be ready to shift at a moment’s notice. “Our industry can be stressful, and I want to ensure our team gets the support they need,” said Masotti. “Do what you can, have fun doing it, and understand that we’re all in it together.”

As Trailer Bridge looks toward the future, the company is finding new ways to give employees the right tools to be successful. With the recent implementation of Mastery technology, it provides the team leverage. Employees now have full insight to crucial information right at their fingertips with visibility of internal and external factors that impact customer shipments. “I look at technology as an advantage to our business,” said Masotti. “I want each of our staff to have the capability to do more and be more successful and I’m extremely optimistic for what’s to come. In the end, it all goes back to the leadership a company has and the culture that it has. Having that support in place and everyone moving forward in the same direction, it’s exciting to continue down this path of growth.”

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